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Madison K.

I do not even know where to begin! Madison has spent her whole life in and around Storm. As a coach, I would have her by my side at every practice and competition, little did I know how much she was truly watching. I have watched Madison go from a very clingy little girl who would not make it through a whole practice to a confident performer who I have to drag out of the gym! Madison has grown so much with the push of her coaches and team mates. In the 4 years that she has been at Storm I have watched her focus and strive for new goals, achieve them and set new ones. It makes me feel so good as a mom that she has so many amazing girls to look up to and strive to emulate. I love watching her face as she sits in on Senior practices and takes in every motion or tumbling pass they do. We both love the fact that Storm is our family! There is not one day that goes by where Madison and I are not greeted with hugs. The amount of support that Pam and the other members of this program has showed my daughters and myself is more valuable than any award or new skill. Pam and the other coaches have helped raise Madison to be a strong, hardworking, caring person. They have taught her that hard work pays off. I am so proud all that Madison has learned and accomplished in 4 short years, but I am even prouder of the person she has become and the friends she has made.


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